Ramtha on Neuroscience and Prozac

Recent scientific research has verified Ramtha's description of the effects and benefits of Prozac on the brain. The scientific findings were led by Grigori Enikolopov at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and were published in May 2006 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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David Biello, reporting these findings for Scientific American magazine, explains, "New research in specially bred mice has elucidated how the antidepressant Prozac works. Scientists have long known that in addition to discouraging synapses from reabsorbing the neurotransmitter serotonin, Prozac (known generically as fluoxetine) also increases the number of neurons (neurogenesis) in the adult brain. But exactly how the drug manages this multiplication trick has proved difficult to pin down. Now researchers have traced the development cascade of new neurons and determined where fluoxetine exerts its multiplying — and beneficial — effect."
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Ramtha explained the mechanism and benefits of Prozac on the human brain in May 1996, exactly ten years before the scientists disclosed their discovery based on the study of lab mice:

"I find the neurotransmitting qualities of Prozac to be extraordinarily favorable because it replaces what drugs and marijuana, too much hard drink, and too much pollution does finally to the brain. It makes the synaptic cleft incapable of pulling up and holding serotonin. Without serotonin being held at the synaptic cleft, those who suffer depression and erratic thinking cannot function correctly because the brain is unduly starved and mutated by a severe amount of drugs. This mercifully corrects the problem and allows serotonin to be taken up into the neuron and held there without immediately being released. This affords the neuron the ability to be a transmitter and a receiver of thought. Prozac is what brings back a calming, logical, flowing thinking, whereas marijuana destroys the brain. It destroys the brain cells. The 'high' is the death of the brain."

                                                                                               — Ramtha

(Excerpt from: New Group Retreat, May 7-12, 1996. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Copyright © 1996 JZ Knight)

Ramtha — Beyond Scientific Discovery

Ramtha's description of the effects of Prozac goes far beyond what the scientists have been able to find and verify. In the spring of 2000, Ramtha explained:

"Prozac isn't a drug. It is an inhibitor. The part of your brain you use every day is your 'beefy' brain. It is the brain that takes the lion's share of serotonin to get up and get moving those chemicals. If we are living exclusively for our brain chemistry, we have a collapse of emotion. Eventually we are going to get bored with what we are doing and we are going to collapse and start being manic-depressive. What that means is that no matter what you do, you see that you have already done it so the joy is going to be short-lived. That is called manic- depressiveness. It is a chronic condition."

"Prozac takes up serotonin and holds it so there are new parts of your brain that actually come alive. The old neuronet doesn't get the lion's share of serotonin so you don't have a tendency to be depressed. You don't have a tendency to be habitual. You will not have a tendency to overeat. You will not have a tendency to be oversexual. You will not be violent. You will not have fantasies that grow within 'the corral' over there. You will start living from a new part of your brain. All Prozac does is make sure that this new part of the brain takes up serotonin, keeps it there, and uses it."

                                                                                          — Ramtha

(Excerpt from: Getting Out of the Corral and the Physiology of True Love. Primary Retreat, March 26, 2000. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Copyright © 2000 JZ Knight)

The Placebo Effect and the Power of Imagination

An interesting study reported by Kate Wong for Scientific American magazine describes how effective placebos are in relieving depression and the part of the brain they actually activate: "Scientists have recognized for some time that people suffering from depression often experience a substantial reduction in symptoms when given a placebo. In fact, this observation has led some researchers to propose that up to 75 percent of the apparent efficacy of antidepressant medicine may actually be attributable to the placebo effect. According to a report in the January issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, depressed patients who respond to placebo treatment do exhibit a change in brain function, but one that differs from that seen in patients who respond to medication. Patients who responded favorably to the placebo showed increased activity in a region of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex. Those who responded to medication, in contrast, exhibited suppressed activity in that area."
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A few final words by Ramtha explain the importance of the brain and imagination for our health and well-being, as some scientists are beginning to suspect:

"If we have emotions, we have then only memory. In imagination, we are free from emotion. That is why daydreamers resort to imagination to lift them up from depression. If society's scientists and medical doctors, neuroscientists, and neurophysicists destroy imagination, they have destroyed the natural Prozac of human luster."

(Excerpt from: The Objective/Subjective Mind and Imagination. Boktau IV, October 1, 1998. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Copyright © 1998 JZ Knight)

"In the old days, really old days, leaders of continents, nations, and principalities taught people how to think. To help them along, they used to put an herb called rauwolfia in the community water well. In other words, quietly they endeavored to put the herb equivalent of Prozac in the village water well. The reason they did that was because leaders of peoples a long, long time ago had a very different responsibility than the famed and fortunate ones of today. They had the exquisite duty of reinstating confidence, protection, and equalness within the people, and rauwolfia was a wonderful drug in water that relieved people's insecurity."

                                                                                          — Ramtha

(Excerpt from: Karmic Balance - Living Our Greatest Hates and Judgments. Advanced Evening, November 28, 2000. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Copyright © 2000 JZ Knight)

Documented Healing Experience at Blue College Retreat 2006

Email sent by Sue Rakes to RSE on March 17, 2006:

I'm too excited to wait until I get home. Here's the story:

I originally had gone to the doctor to see if I qualified for in vitro and get a referral. In that process I was found to be quite anemic right before the Blue College Retreat this year. My hematocrit was about 29. The doctor described me as someone who had donated five pints of blood. Did I notice anything?! I was off to a hematologist to figure out why I was anemic.

These types of doctors also tend to be oncologists, so I wasn't looking forward to this visit. It turns out I couldn't get in until after the RSE Retreat. Of course with everything we were learning, I was walking as vital health and that I had a body full of healthy, iron-rich, oxygenated blood. "I have never been anemic. I have always had a body full of rich, beautiful blood and, furthermore, I have always been a leader to my own body."

I found two cards that event. The first one was that I love myself into life, with a blue neuron on it. The second card was my Blue Body® card. I continued the work when I got home and went for my appointment on March 3. They took blood and ran all kinds of tests. My follow-up appointment was today, March 17, and they drew blood again.

You know what I'm going to say . . . I'm absolutely NORMAL . . . smack-dab in the middle, not just edging there — baby, I'm all over it! — both on the March 3 and March 17 blood tests. Everything looks just GREAT. They can't find anything whatsoever. I've got the numbers to show it. In four short weeks I went from five pints down to just a healthy master!

It works, it works, it works! I was so nervous sitting there today thinking I'd need to have the command of JZ's mind to take on whatever they were going to tell me, and it would be up to me. Then with a shake of the head the doctor looks at me and says, "Well, everything is absolutely normal!"

It is no longer "we can do it" but "let's do it," that kind of confidence. Wow! This just ROCKS!! Please send my love to JZ and moving on to pulling down even greater and greater realities! Yahoo!

All the best,
Sue Rakes

See the medical records: PacLabs and Tests

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