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Greg Simmons Update – January 22, 2013


It is January 22, 2013, and I carried wood into my house again today. During the cold winter months this is usually done once a day.

Several years ago, in the day’s pile was a very large log that was in the shape of a ‘dog leg’ if you know the golfing term, with a rather large bend in the middle of the piece. I stacked some of the other logs on top of it and took the wheel barrow back to the wood shed.

Over the past two years, as I used the logs on top of the ‘dog leg’ piece, I keep thinking, ‘this is too big and I should take it back to the shed.’ I must have thought this each time I uncovered the logs that were on top of it.

Today, as I finally decided to take it back to the shed, I picked up the log, hesitated, and lifted it into the stove with its awkward bend in the middle. It fit perfectly, and is warming up the house while I send out this email.

How many other assumptions have I made like this?

ASSUMPTION: The government cares about the US economy.

The Debt ceiling has been abolished!!

This gives the Federal Government the potential to spend possibly trillions of dollars with no approved allocation within the next 5 months.
This is very good for owning physical gold and silver.


Greg Simmons Update – January 2, 2013
Welcome to the Future!!

Question: I want to know if we had the alignment on the 21st? Are some students missing?
Disappointment is what we felt. No lights or warping in the sky. Nothing of what the Ram said happened.
I move away from my home 1 year ago based on Ramtha's predictions, left family and friends to go to the mountains. Can I go back now?
I can do the disciplines and focus on my destiny in any place.

Answer: There was an alignment on the 21 – 23 of December. However, the alignment was not intended to destroy the earth. This alignment happens every 26,000 years and the earth is over 4-1/2 billion years old, so it has survived many alignments.

The concern is NOT over. For the past several years, Ramtha has had us focus on ‘2013.’ We focused on this 2013 card during many sessions at the school. And the ‘Safe Future Now’ process doing C&E, has us focus on the year 2013. It has always been about 2013!!

There are NOW many experts that predict that the months of February – April 2013 would be the months and year of most concern. From my own research over many years, I am in agreement with them.
I have done my own CONSISTENT preparation for over 25 years. I have also spent all of my available resources to be as prepared as I could mindfully be. And I continue to stay near my safe place until I KNOW that we have transitioned beyond the danger. That day is near.

I will NEVER be disappointed that I spent so much on preparation. Every dollar spent and every hour worked programmed my brain for being part of a safe future. I am already SAFE in that future.
You are not the only students disappointed in having prepared and ‘apparently’ nothing has happened. I can tell you from being with this teacher for over 30 years and carefully monitoring my own experience that we do not always know what goes on in the background of reality. Even ‘You Tube’ shows crafts as large as the earth intervening with the sun.

In 1986 – 87, Ramtha talked about sun flares, global warming, earth changes, and economic bankruptcy – the reasons to protect yourself from the environment (storing food and water), and the economy (becoming self-sufficient and buying gold and silver).
I am thankful that I have a future. I am thankful that my family and friends are safe. I am thankful that I had the mind to find a teacher that saw far into the future and helped me understand the importance of those events and their effect on my life.
I am looking at a hopeful 2013 and beyond. I have passed the initiation – did I have enough love for myself and my family to be prepared? This attitude of ‘Loving Myself into Life’ will follow me into forever.
Greg Simmons


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