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Dr. Miceal Ledwith is one of RSE's Teachers appointed by Ramtha. Served as a catholic priest and as Professor of Theology and College President for over 25 years in Ireland. He was a member of the International Theological Commission, a small group of international standing, charged with advising the Holy See on theological matter.


September: Have the Burial Boxes of Jesus and Mary Magdalene been Found?
September: How Can Little Green Men be made in the Image of God?
July: The Rise and Fall of the Halo
June: The Enigma of Mary Magdalene
May: Mr. Maher's Movie
April: Atheism: Humanity's Loss
March: Veiled to the Western Mind
February: Calculating Christmas Day
January: Hating God in Secret


December: 2011: year of the 44 comets
November: The lust for gods
October: Hatred of the Way God Made Us: Jesus and Mary Magdalene
September: A messianic bloodline?
August: Assessing claimed earthquake links to alignments of earth, sun and ‘comet’ Elenin in 2011 and beyond
July: The Gods of Men: The Real Teaching of Jesus on Women
June: The Origins of the Human Race and its Implications for our Spiritual Empowerment Today
May: Patrick the sinner
April: In Search of a Greater God, Part II
March: In Search of a Greater God, Part I


August: God as Verb
July: Empowering what it is we oppose
June: Poisoned prayer : - The tragic effect of not reversing the law of cause and effect
May: Reversing the law of cause and effect
April: God does not want us to be rich
March: The Wino and the Master
February: Absorbing the Ocean into the Drop
January: What did the Resurrection of Jesus Really Mean?


December: The dogma in the manger
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